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At ocean state sound we have designed our wedding planner with you in mind. Many brides and grooms today do not want or are uncomfortable with some of the traditions that were mandatory just a few years ago.

We take into consideration all the factors when we help in planning your reception. As each reception is different our planner has been designed from 14 years of experience with the last 8 years speacializing in wedding receptions.

How the Wedding Planner Works

Upon our initial contact we set up a personal meeting. This is to go over any questions you may have about your reception or ocean state sound, and whenever possible we can make arrangments to see us live.
Next we ask that you fill out the planner at your leasure leaving blank anything that you're not sure of...
At our second meeting we go over each section in depth so as not to leave out the smallest of details.

Each name and how they are pronounced

Every dance and when it takes place

Special requests and dedications

We also add in some personal information so as to create a more intimate atmosphere.
Before we part we have created a complete itinerary of your wedding reception

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